31st Dai-Al-Mutlaq Syedna Qasim Khan Zainuddin Bin Maula Feer RA

Miqat Date: 
9th Shawwal-ul-Mukarram


31st Dai-Al-Mutlaq Syedna Qasim Khan Zainuddin Bin Maula Feer RA

Wafat : 9th Shawwal-ul-Mukarram 1054 AH., Ahmedabad

Duration Of Dawat : 12 Years and 6 Months.

30th Dai-Al-Mutlaq Syedna Ali Shamshuddin (R.A), performed Nass on 31st Dai-Al-Mutlaq Syedna QasimKhan Zainuddin (R.A). Syedi Hasan Feer (Q.S) had dedicated his life in serving dawat and strengthening the faith of the mumineen. Allah, the Almighty requited that devotion by bestowing the esteemed honor to one of his lineage to become a Dai. Syedna QasimKhan Zainuddin (R.A) is from 'Nassal'(lineage) of Syedi Hasan Feer Shaheed (Q.S.).
Syedna Qasim Khan Zainuddin (R.A) has performed khidmat of Syedna Dawood bin AjabShah (R.A).Syedna Dawood bin QutubShah (R.A) bestowed Rutbah of Haddiyat on Him. He was amongst the 'Hudud Fozala'(council of wise men) during the regime of Syedna Dawood bin Qutubshah (R.A). He had the good fortune of serving 5 Duat Akrameen. He strived especially hard to serve Syedna ShaikhAdam Safiyuddin (R.A)and was his trusted aide. He sent Hudud around India to spread the word of Dawat.
Syedna QutubKhan Qutbuddin (R.A) was his trusted aide and he always turned to him for advice. Syedna QasimKhan Zainuddin (R.A), when the 'wafat' came nearer declared nass upon Syedna QutubKhan Qutbuddin (R.A). Syedna QasimKhan Zainuddin (R.A) departed for his heavenly abode on the 9th of Shawwal 1054 AH.


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