35th Dai-Al-Mutlaq Syedna Abdultaiyeb Zakiyuddin RA

Miqat Date: 
12th Zilqadatil Haram


35th Dai-Al-Mutlaq Syedna Abdultaiyeb Zakiyuddin RA

Date of Wafat (Death) : 12th Zilqadatil Haram 1038 H., Jamnagar 
Duration of Dawat : 25 years, 4 months and 18 days.

Syedna Abdultayeb Zakiyuddin Saheb (R.A), born in the year 1038H was initially educated by his revered grandfather Mulla Raj (Q.R) who predicted him to have a bright future. His revered father Syedna Ismail (R.A) later admitted him in Dars to procure higher education. Apparently Syedna Abultayeb (R.A) a Hafiz-ul-Quran shifted to Jamnagar from Ahmedabad. On one occasion of increasing illness, in 1066H, Syedna Ismail (R.A) when queried of his Mansoos (successor) by his learned attendants, did not answer. Eventually, after Salatul-Fajr, Syedna Ismail (R.A) announced that Imam-uz-Zaman (S.A) had graciously granted him the honour of Deedar in his dream and addressed him to appoint his son Syedna Abultayeb (R.A) as his successor. Syedna Abdultayeb Zakiyuddin (R.A) at the time was twenty-eight years old and was declared Mazoon. Syedna Abdultayeb (R.A) after the sad demise of Syedna Ismail (R.A) in Jamnagar ascended the throne of Dawat and took over its administration.

Mumineen of Ahmedabad supplicated to Syedna Abultayeb (R.A) to grace their land with Syedna's presence as it had been twenty-five years since Mumineen of Ahmedabad had done Deedar of Syedna Feerkhan Shujauddin (R.A). Syedna Abultayeb (R.A) graciously visited Ahmedabad and during the course of Waaz (discourse) declared Syedna Moosa Kalimuddin (R.A) his Mansoos (successor). It was in 1091H when Syedna Abultayeb (R.A) on appointing his learned son Syedna Moosa (R.A) as Mazoon and younger son Syedna Shaikh Adam Safiuddin (R.A) as Mukasir when foes of Dawat evinced their detest for Dawat and Dai. They indulged in harassing and even imprisoning and torturing Mumineen and the Dai's family members. A severe drought followed and people suffered much hardship and miseries. A Hakim asserted that as long as true Muslims were agonized, the wrath of Allah was to prevail. Justice was finally meted and imprisoned Mumineen returned to their native places. During this hardship much expenses were incurred. Soon after some enemies of Dawat deviously complained to the Haakim of Ujjain reckoning the Bohras to be 'Rafzi' (one who doesn't abide by the tenants of Shariah and Sunnah of Rasullulah S.A.W). About a hundred Mumineen were unjustly imprisoned and rendered without food and water for three days. It was after a month of infinite difficulties in detention that Mumineen were finally released. Syedna Abultayeb (R.A) instructed wells to be dug in Jamnagar. One named Bir-e-Ali till date provides water to Mumineen.

Syedna Abultayeb (R.A) passed away at the age of sixty-three on twelfth Zilqadatil Haram in 1101 H.

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