Moulai Nooruddin Saheb QS


Moulai Nooruddin Saheb QS Dongaon

Moulai Noorudin (Q.S) served Dawat in the tenure of Imam Mustansir Billah (S.A). He was fortunate to and honoured to have done Deedar of Imam-uz-Zamaan (S.A) and gather Barakaat (benovelence) of procuring wisdom from Babul Abwaab, Syedi Moayed-iz-Shirazi (R.A). With the permission and blessings of Imam-uz-Zamaan (S.A) Moulai Noorudin (Q.S) proceeded to India. Hundreds of people on learning and witnessing his austirity and fathomless depth in knowledge, embaraced Islam and came into the fold of Emaan.

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