Syedi AbdulQader Hakimuddin AQ

Miqat Date: 
27th Shawaal

Syedi AbdulQader Hakimuddin AQ

Wafaat : 5th Shawaal, 1142 H. Urs day also commemorated on 27th Shawaal each year. Burhanpur

Syedi Abdulqadar Hakimuddin (A.Q) was privileged to be a descendent from a family of virtuous saints. He was born in 1142 H corresponding to 1730AD during the time of Syedna Ismail Badruddin II (R.A) and had the honour to serve five Duat Kiram (R.A). Syedi Abdulqadar Hakimuddin (A.Q) authored a vast treasure of Kutub-ud-Dawat (religious texts) and wrote thousands of poetic verses in praise of Ahle Bait (S.A). Amongst the numerous beneficial traditions and benevolent rituals that he established, Sabil-ul-Khaire-wal-Barakaat, which is a collection of nominal sums from Mumineen to spend on their welfare is one of them.

Unfortunate as it was, some foes of Dawat with deceitful of intentions approached the local authorities and unjustly complained the burial of Syedi Abdulqadar Hakimuddin (A.Q) to be conducted in contrast to principles of Shariat. This eventuated to a forceful digging of Syedi Abdulqadar Hakimuddin's (A.Q) Qabar Mubarak (grave) by the authorities even as Mumineens' pleas were deliberately unheeded. One and all witnessed Syedi Abdulqadar Hakimuddin's (A.Q) miraculously composed posture even after twenty-one days in Qabar Mubarak. A fragrance of musk emanated from him. Mumineen once again, buried him a little further away from where his initial Qabar Mubarak was on 27th Shavvalul Mukarram. Apparently, Mumineen therefore observe Urs Mubarak (death anniversary) of Syedi Abdulqadar Hakimuddin's (A.Q) twice during the year.

Hakimuddin as he was by name and virtue, many a person procured physical solace and spiritual enlightenment from his teachings and guidance. Even today, hundreds of thousands gather at his Roza Mubarak to fulfil their hopes and aspirations and never return disappointed.

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