Syedi Bawa Mulla Khan Saheb QR

Miqat Date: 
29th Shawalul Mukarram


Syedi Bawa Mulla Khan Saheb QR

Date of Wafaat : 29th Shawalul Mukarram 1114 H. Rampura

A person of immense erudition, benignity and piety Syedi Bawa Mulla Khan Saheb (QR) a resident of Islampura, was known and respected by one and all for his sagacity and modesty. People from all walk of life, Mumineen and otherwise - sought his blessings and advice in numerous aspects.

It is said that, as to perform Namaz in time, he was conscious of the movement of the sun even while he attended his business. Never would he fail to extract Khumus from his daily earnings and submit Khumus and Zakat to the Dai. Taking into account Mumineens' needs, Syedi Bawa Mulla Khan (QR) kept a horse exclusively for Mumineen who would use it during their need and returned it back.

The King of Islampura converted to Islam. Syedi Adbulqadir Hakimuddin (QR) son of Syedi Bawa Mulla Khan (QR), known for his excellent command in recitation of Quran e Majeed, taught the King the art of recitation of Quran e Majeed. Impressed, the King gifted him a village and sent all harvest of the village to Syedi Hakimuddin's (QR) residence. On seeing this, Syedi Bawa Mulla Khan (QR) affectionately asserted whether his son was serving the King and complacent in serving the Dai. Realizing his oversight, Syedi Hakimuddin (QR) immediately returned back all the goods to the King.

Syedi Bawa Mulla Khan Saheb (QR) had six sons, namely Syedi Abdulqader Hakimuddin (QR), Maulai Mohammed, Maulai Adam, Maulai Tayeb, Maulai Lookmanji and Maulai Hayder. During one of his visit to the 35th Dai Syedna Abdultayeb Zakiuddin (RA), Syedi Bawa Mulla Khan Saheb (QR) was asked how many sons he had. On mentioning he had six sons, the Dai pointed out the obligation of Khumus upon Syedi Bawa Mulla Khan (QR). Immediately Syedi Bawa Mulla Khan (QR) humbly requested Syedi Abdulqader Hakimuddin (QR) who was accompanying him to be accepted in Khumus. Syedi Hakimuddin (QR) went on to serve Dawat and the Dai with extraordinary zeal and devotion.

Syedi Bawa Mulla Khan's (QR) devotion and wellbeing of Dawat and Dai was such that he was honored by Allah Subhanahu with thirteen Duat Mutlaqeen (RA), including Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin TUS from his lineage.


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